Formitize Case Study: Cameron Fortress Pool Inspections

“I have been in my current business for 4 years struggling with paperwork, saving photos, saving videos spending long hours at night to convert all of these things into a report for my clients. Then I found Formitize. This system has changed my life.”

Cameron owns and runs Cameron Fortress Pool Inspections. He chose to go paperless, and today, he shares his experience with Formitize.

Cameron’s Testimonial

Cameron says, “Best thing I have ever carried out for my business. Payments on the spot are even better. Love it.”



How Formitize Saves Cameron Hours of Work Every Day

Cameron explains, “Fleur, my Formitize God is great and full of knowledge. She is helping me with all of my questions and helping in a timely manner. It has already saved me hours and hours of work every day.”


How Formitize Helps Cameron Grow His Business

Cameron states, “I am a Pool Inspector in QLD and I am getting great feedback from my Clients when I say you will receive your reports in the next 5 minutes. Also, I can now take Credit Card payments on site through the app.”

“I now have time to play with my children in the afternoon, instead of turning them away because I have to put reports together, save photos and videos, and then email them out. Now the reports are put together on-site and emailed before I even leave the house of my customer.”

He shares, “This is the best system I have seen and I have looked at and tried a couple. The help is Australian based. They are actually helpful. This is fantastic, Time saving, Easy to use. It will save you time and money. Love it.”

To learn more about Formitize and how you can save hours and money for your business, Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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