Formitize Case Study: Shine Early Intervention

“We are in the early stages of using Formitize. It has made a big difference for my administration team completing service agreements for our clients. Being in the health sector, Formitize is a great tool for our industry. Prue has been a huge help in getting us started. Without her help I would have given up at the beginning!”



Lisa Fruhstuck, Speech Pathologist at Shine Early Intervention says she found Formitize while driving past our office in Gregory Hills. She came to Formitize with one simple yet crucial need for her business – the paperless forms.


This is Lisa’s story:


Before Formitize, I had to deal with these challenges – time delays, paperwork getting lost, inefficiencies, and calculation mistakes being made.


Why She Loves the Formitize Support Team


Formitize Support and Customer Service team are very responsive and always very helpful. I give them a ‘10 out of 10’ rating for excellence in customer support. I compared Formitize with other solutions prior to trying it out. I found the support so good and it’s local to our business so I felt comfortable to give it a try.


Now that you’ve seen what the Formitize app has done to boost Lisa’s business, why not give it a try yourself? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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