How Mobile Forms Can Help You with Your Construction Projects

Running your electrical or plumbing contracting business requires you to act fast in order to meet that deadline. You and your team need to work doubly hard just to install everything on time. There’s very little room for mistakes or delays. Everything has to be in tip-top shape or else you risk losing your client to another company. So what can you do to speed up the process?



Here are 5 ways mobile forms can help fast-track your construction projects:

1. Plan Ahead – It pays to have a plan, no matter what you aim to accomplish. When you’ve got every goal laid out, it’s easier for you to spot the weak areas and maximize your strengths to ensure your project’s success. Using mobile forms, you can lay out your entire plan, assign jobs to your workers, and store it in a secure “cloud” environment.

2. Focus on Project Management – Good project management can help you deal with aggressive timelines. Using the right paperless solution can make the difference and help deliver the results that you want or need. Formitize can help you in various areas of your project by giving you a bird’s-eye view of what needs to be done. You will find the help you need in the management portal, where you can access all of your mobile forms.

3. Be Organized – In order to get organized, you will need the help of a paperless solution that lets you upload and store data in the “cloud” for easy access later. With Formitize, everything you collect in your mobile forms is available for you to view or update anytime, anywhere. You can create and monitor jobs as they are being done in the field. You can rest well secure in the knowledge that all the information you need is available for you to use at a later date. Each job has a time and date stamp so you will always be guided when searching for information.

4. Communicate Effectively – Because communication is essential in any business, especially in the electrical or plumbing contracting business, you need to be on top of things. Need to find a recent job completed by your electrician? Just open the management portal and track that job. Your mobile workforce can create and submit mobile forms that you can view whenever, wherever.

5. Work Efficiently – You want your team to work as a cohesive unit so you can all meet a deadline together. So how do you track your mobile workforce and their progress in the field? Simple. Get a paperless solution that gives you enough traction to get the job done on time. Using mobile forms makes your jobs so much easier as you and your entire organization run like a well-oiled machine.


What’s Next?

Now that you’ve got your project in gear, it’s time to put those mobile forms to good use. There’s a lot you can do with your new paperless solution. You can manage your projects directly in your management portal so you’ll always be in control. You can even integrate Formitize with other third-party software, giving your existing system the boost it needs to function properly.

Every day we are formitizing documents for our clients. Can we formitize your paperwork for you?

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