June 2018 Formitize Update – What’s Coming!

As always, our Core Solution Development Team are in full production and there is an exciting range of new features on their way. Here is a quick summary of what’s coming:

Flexible Database Driven Forms

A great new feature that powerfully links Forms to Asset Databases. This enables jobs to be created with forms attached as before, however the forms can access the Client Asset Databases and populate data rows in the form with Asset information. So for example when a Job is created, the Client and Location is selected, the attached Inspection Form will have a table that automatically populates with the asset details you require for that location (including previous inspection results), with additional columns ready to collect the new inspection results. The perfect tool for Pest Bait Stations, Fire Services Management, Asset Management and so much more.


Incomplete Job Stages

Not all jobs are finished on the one visit or the same day. Many jobs have multiple stages and require multiple visits often by different people during the course of the job. To better manage this, we are adding customisable Incomplete Job Statuses. This means that you can name your own Incomplete statuses such as “Stage 1” or “Waiting on Parts” and can then filter and monitor all jobs based on their status.


Job Settings

We’re adding more features to our New Job creation page. Soon we will add a Job Settings page so that you can simplify the page to suit your business and hide fields that are not currently relevant to you.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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