Make Your Business More Efficient with Integrated Email Tracking

In this day and age of the Internet, almost every piece of information is accessible at the click of a button. Instead of relying on postal mail or what we often refer to as snail mail, we now use emails to get our messages across. From memos to business correspondence to personal messages, emails are a great way to reach people in the office, in the field and around the world.

Formitize – a powerful paperless app designed to increase efficiency – harnesses the power of emails to get things done in mere minutes. To assist with business compliance, assurance and operational efficiencies, the integrated Email Tracking feature provides full visibility on the status of all emails being sent.



Here are some of the amazing features of the integrated email tracking:

1. Real-time Monitoring
This great feature tracks when the email was created, when it was sent and when it was opened. If there are any issues with the delivery of the email, these are recorded in the “Bounces Tab” This provides great visibility for Administrators and enables real-time feedback on the status of all emails being sent. Errors can be quickly identified and rectified.
2. Instant Notifications
A Notification Email is sent for any issue identified enabling immediate action to be taken.
3. Daily Reports
A Daily Report is then generated and emailed to the Administrator ensuring full visibility of all email activity for the day. You can set the email recipient and the preferred time to receive the report.
4. Email Log
The Email Log lists all emails that have been created and reports on their status.
5. Bounces
A separate “Bounces” tab reveals any emails that have failed to deliver for whatever reason. An indicator shows how many emails are in this category. Simply click on the tab to reveal full details and rectify.


Emails for Efficiency

You deserve the best for your business – that’s why you need to use the right tools and equipment, where applicable. Using Formitize’s integrated email tracking provides the best and most useful tools for your company and mobile workforce. Imagine how easy your tasks will be with this amazing tool and its fancy features. It’s time to take your business to the next level. Start formitizing your paperwork and change the way you do business forever.

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