Why You Need Mobile Checklists for Your Construction Business

Running a construction business can be quite challenging. There are permits to submit, laws and regulations to comply with, plus, you need to ensure the safety of your construction crew at all times. Falling on site has been identified as the most common accident and cause of death at construction sites. So how do you ensure the safety of your construction crew and meet the rules and regulations that govern all construction businesses?

First, get your paperwork formitized. We will convert your existing paper forms to mobile forms for you. We will formitize your paperwork and help you go paperless. Next, start using mobile checklists. This will help you cut back on time and money spent on reviewing work hazards and other things. Mobile checklists are very useful, especially when you want to implement overall accuracy and efficiency across your organization.



Using Mobile Checklists

Yes, mobile checklists can help you… a lot! You can list down precautionary measures on your mobile checklists and enforce it so that every member of your team should go through your mobile checklists before they climb buildings or operate heavy machinery. Checklists also ensure that you and your crew strictly follow safety rules and regulations.

Formitize lets you customize your mobile checklist so that it meets existing safety regulations and standards all the time. We will formitize your forms and paperwork to make things easier for you and your crew. You can create training mobile checklists that you can use to properly train you employees so they are fully aware of what they are meant to do. You can orient them on things and situations they need to avoid while fulfilling their duties. The training mobile checklist will ensure that safety comes first.


Risk Assessment and Emergency Response

Mobile checklists are also good for other things – namely risk assessment and emergency response. Are you able to evaluate elements of risks in your workplace? Mobile checklists can help you review potential risk hazards in your buildings and worksites. You can make a list of things to check and revisit each one before your crew starts working in a certain area.

When accidents occur, how fast and accurate does your team manage emergency response? Are you able to respond to emergencies on time? Is your staff prepared for all types of emergencies and do you have the appropriate solution prepared? Using mobile checklists, you can prepare for any type of emergency and the appropriate response for each one.

There are many ways that mobile checklists can help you keep your construction business safe and thriving. So why not go paperless today? We will formitize your forms and paperwork.

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